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Sega Casino 2 For Nintendo's DS Family Of Handheld Console Games

Sega is taking another swing at bringing the casino experience to the handheld console market with the second installment of Sega Casino. Since the explosion of a variety of gambling games has been taking off on the mobile device market, most notably through iOS and Android powered tablets and smartphones, Sega is tapping into a segment of gamers that increasingly want their betting experience on the go by bringing it to the Nintendo DS family of handhelds.

Sega Casino 2, starring classic games

This edition of the game will be a compilation featuring nine casino favourites for players of al interests and skill levels to try their hand at. Texas Hold Em Poker, Baccarat, Craps, Roulette, and Blackjack are available up from for gamer to get their hands dirty with the house's money. Test plays of the as yet to be released game have found that the remaining four games, Keno, Jacks or Better, Chuck a Luck, and 7 Card Stud, seem to be tucked away waiting to be unlocked. This mechanism is triggered and gives players more variety through increasing their bank roll of chips. Additionally, winning and building a more impressive backing of chips will unlock tables with higher stakes, increasing the value of both wins and losses to be had.

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While the intended method of gameplay is meant to be the touch screen feature on the DS family of handhelds, everything can be controlled through the buttons that are still present on these devices, though in s lightly less intuitive way. The entire display of the game is clearly designed for touch use, with all game functions, such as discarding hands and continuing play, easily accessed with a touch of the stylus. The console's limits won't be pushed as the visual pop of the games has been scaled down in favour of faster and more accurate gameplay as well as more realistic artificially intelligent opponents when using the single player options.

Perhaps most exciting for players whose friends have the same device is the option for up to five payers in a network being able to play the full suite of multiplayer games against one another from a single cartridge. This means that while only one of the group needs to have the game physically with them, all five can enjoy the full experience of sights and sounds that Sega Casino 2 offers. Sega brought their best for the mobile casino game players of the world with this project.